Thursday, May 31, 2012

Sexy Hexie(s)

It's raining here in Michigan tonight, and I'm home with Maple for the next few days while Jim galavants around North Carolina visiting his buddies.

As the title suggests, I've been making more hexies.  I've been making more hexies out of my dissertation. I'm on my ___th draft and so have about a dozen old drafts and parts of drafts laying around the house so I started salvaging some of the waste and printing on the back of them. It sort of feels good to sew it up and rip it apart when I complete a flower.
Take that focus groups!

I've  been working on a Grandmother's Flower Garden for some time--about 2 months now I guess. Since I made the hexie pillow I found a love of making the itty bitty things and decided I had to keep going. The very first quilt I made was all hand-pieced and I loved the process of doing that. I like fast finishes and having pretty quilts around my house, but I also really wanted to make something that would take awhile and allow me to enjoy the fabrics.

The brown and green fabric with red "flowers" are Grandma's fabric
I started looking for 30's prints, but found out how much designer fabric really costs, so I started looking for rip-off reproduction prints. I found some actual 30's prints on sale and many others were from various places--Hobby Lobby, Joann's, Walmart, etc. Some were actually my grandmother's fabrics that I found downstairs after she died. I'm really excited about this quilt and am loving the process and the progress so far.

REALLY love that white with blue ring flower

 The variety of prints I think is going to be really fun and I really can't wait to see it when it's finished. I'm planning on a blue/aqua sort of background.

It's going to be big and take awhile to finish, but I'm totally ok with that.

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