Monday, May 14, 2012

Le'ts COVER some things

Ok, cheesy title, but it's true.

I made this awhile ago, and as my current trend with blogging seems to go,  I didn't blog about it. Sooo, now I'm remedying that.

I had the idea to document my quilting/sewing/creative adventures online, but also in print. For nostalgia, posterity, so I can look back when I'm old and see the pretties I made. So my future kids and grandkids can look at it after I'm gone to see the pretties I made. So when the internet finally takes over and we're mindless machine-zombies I'll still have hard proof of the pretties I made. And so I can look at my progress, improvement in skill, and have fun.

I used this tutorial from 

It was fairly easy to make and follow the directions, though I did admittedly have some trouble sewing the flaps to the main body of cover, hence no close-ups of that part because it's pretty messy. But that's more to do with my still-learning abilities than the tutorial.

I've written in the journal exactly 3 times with pictures, but the cover really is beautiful and I fully intend to add more soon....

The fabric is Joel Dewberry, from one of the Aviary lines I believe....... The inside polka dot is another Hobby Lobby find I think. Or a remnant from Jo-anns. I've got to start writing stuff down. Another use for the journal! Enjoy.

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