Saturday, February 11, 2012

Mini-sewing Saturday

I Accomplished something on my to-do list today. My boyfriend was off filming a short film all day for a local film festival, and as it was cold and snowy and I am in-between dissertation drafts, I decided to do some sewing.

  • Make (several) mini quilts/blocks to hang around the house

I had originally intended to find a quilt pattern I liked and just make one block for a mini wall-hanging. I had picked up a bunch of old quilt magazines at an antique store last weekend for $1 each and I looked through them all again this morning. I found a pattern in every one that I could see hanging on the wall. So, I took my magazines, my laptop, and my coffee and went downstairs to get started.

As soon as I started getting out scraps, I came across a piece of brown toile that I knew I had to sew with. Disclaimer: I LOVE toile. I can't get enough of it, but I hardly have any because, well, it costs $$, which I don't have much of right now. So, the precious bit I had, I wanted to use wisely. I started sewing and cutting and this is what I ended up with:

It didn't turn out quite like I intended, but I'm pretty happy with it. Afterall, it IS my very first mini ever. It lays kind of crooked so I think I should have ironed the whole thing once I was finished. It's now happily installed in the bathroom. I just quilted straight lines on all the seams. The toile was a remnant from Hobby Lobby and the white roses I had. The green is a beautiful print from Sandy Gervais (my growing favorite fabric designer), Grand Finale.

But that's not all! I made another. It was so much fun making the first, I had to keep going. This one was a wonky block built around a scrap of Heather Ross's Far Far Away III (I think). Princess and the Pea. Other fabrics were from FFA, Sandy Gervais, Joel Dewberry, and Amy Butler I think. I'm so bad with remembering fabric lines. Anywho, this one was quilted on the seams as well. It hangs in our bedroom hallway. I'm seriously in love with this one.

Maple likes this one too. Can't you tell??

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